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Are you planning a baby shower?

You are at the right place.

Because today, I’m going to give you the 13 CRAZY tips that identified to make the perfect diaper cake.

The best part?

All of my friends applied these tips and found them great!

Let’s do this!

And here are the tips you’ll learn about in this post.

  1. What Exactly are Diaper Cakes for?
  2. What Type of Occasions is a Diaper Cake Good for?
  3. Supplies you Need to Make a Diaper Cake
  4. List of Materials for a Diaper Cake
  5. How Much does it cost to Make a Diaper Cake?
  6. How to Make a Diaper Cake In 6 Considerations
  7. How to Make a Diaper Cake – Finally
  8. Wrapping your Diaper Cake
  9. Decorate your Diaper Cake

You Organize A Baby-Shower. So Great! But You Need A Diaper Cake. Oh Oh…

From the essentials like the baby shower cake, invitations, food to offer, decorations, to other details such as cards, games and well, pretty much everything else.



When it comes to celebrations, baby showers are a favorite.

Do you know what’s another all-time baby shower favorite?

Diaper cakes.

A diaper cake is a simple arrangement of diapers made to resemble a tiered cake.

But how to make a diaper cake.

Stay with me.

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What Exactly are Diaper Cakes for?

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You can use diaper cakes in a few ways:

  • You can make a beautiful (and useful) gift,
  • or you can do a baby shower centerpiece to sit at the event,
  • Finally, you can also make one to reveal the sex of the baby!

You can do diaper cakes in a variety of tiers, colors, and sizes as well, depending on how you arrange it and how many diapers you decide to use.

Traditionally, they can have 2, 3, or 4 tiers, but you can really take it home and make one with 5 or 6.

If this is what you want to do, be sure to arrange it in a safe way so it doesn’t fall apart.

Can I make diaper cake for all occasions ?

Read next chapter to find out.

What Type of Occasions is a Diaper Cake Good for?

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The next baby shower you’ll attend, obviously!

Because once you create the cake and is done, it’s time for the fun to begin.

So start thinking about the accent colors you will use in the shower, for the nursery or mom’s favorite color combinations.

I give you in this article baby shower ideas if you lack of inspirations.

Also, the good thing about diaper cakes is that you can customize them to fit any type of baby shower theme.

For example, you can purchase ribbons showcasing jungle, baby, minimalistic, safari, and many other themes.

You’ll find everything you need in craft stores and party stores as well.

Other options to tailor your diaper cake to the occasion:

  • If the mother-to-be is having twins, you can make a combo diaper cake.
  • If the shower is celebrated in winter or using a winter theme, you can also customize with the seasonal decor!
  • Is the baby shower gender neutral? You can ask the hostess or expectant mother to use the diaper cake as a fun game to reveal the sex of the baby.
  • Put your own twist in designing and making it unique for the shower.

The great thing about diaper cakes is that these are a unique, handmade addition to the baby shower that the guests will love.

They’re made by hand and that is a total plus.

So what are the supplies you need to make a diaper cake ?

Discover it in next chapter.

Supplies you Need to Make a Diaper Cake

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Before you start, make sure you have all your supplies ready and set out on a table for a clear view.

So, here is the List of Materials for a Diaper Cake:

  • Diapers: if you’re making a three-tiered cake, you’ll need about 38 total diapers. That is 23 on the bottom, 9 in the middle and 6 on the top.
  • Rubber bands (small)– You’ll need one rubber band per diaper. If you’re making a three-tiered cake, with 38 diapers, you’ll need 38 bands. Make sure you always get more though, because these tend to snap!
  • Rubber bands (large) – 4 for a three-tiered cake.
  • Tall slim object (like a sort of cone) – that will be placed in the center of the cake. You can even use a bottle of baby wash, oil or shampoo, or something else you prefer. It needs to be as tall as your cake, as well as of enough weight to stand on its own.
  • Tiny baby objects – such as booties, washcloths, stuffed animals, pins, or decor to embellish your cake.
  • Cardboard circle or cake stand – This will be used as a base to build your cake.

And 38 diapers, how much does it cost exactly ?


How Much does it cost to Make a Diaper Cake?

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It depends on your diapers favorite brand.

I suggest you take a look at each individual price and variety of brands for the materials mentioned above.

Remember that you can always cut down some costs by choosing more inexpensive brands too!

But all in all, making a diaper cake is not very expensive.

How to Make a Diaper Cake – the 13 CRAZY Tips

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Don’t get too excited just yet, there are a couple of previous steps you should take into consideration before starting.

Tip 1 – Baby Shower Theme Colors. If you’re planning on gifting the cake, make sure you know what the baby shower theme is. So that you don’t design the cake only based on your own taste. It’ll be best if you contact the hostess to check-in with her, in order to choose the right accent colors for your cake.

Tip2 – Fluffy Diapers. It’s best if you choose the fluffier diapers when purchasing them. We think they’re actually the perfect ingredient for a great looking diaper cake. They’ll make each layer look fluffier and fuller.

Tip3 – Sterile Environment. Make sure you assemble the diapers in a sterile environment. That means no pets and no smoking. Don’t forget that these can be useful for the baby as soon as he/she arrives. They will be the purest form of life, and if you want your diaper cake to have a future use, make sure you are arranging it in a clean environment.

Tip4 – Add Useful Items. You can add useful items to the diaper cake. Make the cake useful by adding things mommy can use to bathe the baby, wash, or play with them. You can even add stuffed animals too!

Tip5 – Create it with intent. Make sure every ribbon and bow tied to the cake is added with careful consideration. Your diaper cake will be the center of the party and a lovely gift to the family, make it count!

Tip6 – Don’t Waste Materials. Lastly, make sure everything on the cake is usable, this is why it’s important to assemble it in a sterile environment. We wouldn’t want to waste any materials used. Think about it, making a diaper cake and wasting diapers, especially when this might be a first-hand need for many people.

How to Make a Diaper Cake – Finally

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I am now going to teach you how to assemble your diaper cake.

Tip7 – Roll the Diapers. Roll each of your diapers and secure them with a small rubber band. Repeat until all diapers are rolled up and secured. With some rubber bands, you might want to wrap twice around the diaper, bands might loosen up a bit.

Tip8 – Tall Object. Once the diapers are all rolled up, you should place the tall object of your choice in the center of where the cake is building up. Make a big ring around this object with the rolled diapers.

Tip9 – Large Rubber Band. Once the object is covered with diapers, place the large band around the ring of diapers. This will be your base layer.

Tip10 – Repeat. Repeat the process in order to create another ring around the first ring of diapers. What this will do is create that nice thick, bottom layer you’re looking for.

Tip 11 – After you’ve secured the bottom layer, repeat the same actions with a second and third layer or diapers. Remember that this time around, you’ll be doing one ring, not two for each layer.

Wrapping your Diaper Cake

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If you’ve browsed online for diaper cake ideas, you’ll know that you can wrap your cake in many different things.

However, there is a clear favorite and that’s with a thick ribbon.

This way, your diaper cake will look like a regular, delicious cake.

Other options are lace or fabric, you can always get creative and find alternative materials too.

All you need to do is make sure it’s wrapped nice and tight.

Tip 11 – Wrap the cake. To wrap it up, start from on side (preferably the back), wrap around, and secure with a tape or a decorative (or regular) safety pin. Straight pins work too.

Decorate your Diaper Cake

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The most fun part of a DIY diaper cake is the decoration.

Now, you get to put your own twist on colors, textures, and objects to add on to the cake.

Remember you can always match a specific color theme, the baby’s nursery or make up your own.

Just make sure it has some of the accents that will be available at the baby shower decoration if you want the cake to be displayed.

Tip 12 – Start decorating! Here, you’ll want to set out all of the baby toys, pins and such so that the expectant mother can later use with her baby. Of course, you’ll want to make it look as adorable as possible! Get inspired and decorate!

Tip 13 –Hide surprises. You can roll up socks, wash cloths, pins, and cute baby items and hide them in the cake. Yes, we know that the cake is supposed to be decorated all around, but just imagine the mom-to-be pulling out a few surprises you’ve hidden in the cake! It’ll be a lovely surprise for sure.

Now, it’s your turn…

I really hope you enjoyed my diaper cake guide & tips.

And now I’d like to hear from you.

Do you plan to do your own diaper cake for your next baby shower?

Or are you calling your bestie to do it?

Either way, let me know by leaving a quick comment below.

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